Japan Nexus Intelligence

Our Mission

Countering the new era of malicious disinformation with the next generation of intelligence

Technological advances, such as the integration of social media and AI within society, have fundamentally revolutionized the framework of information dissemination and have had a profound impact on our perceptions. The instantaneous spread of misleading information, disinformation and conspiracy theories in this new information age has introduced the “New Era of Information Risk” for nations and businesses. This New Era has already played a significant role in influencing how our society feels and perceives information, which has led to the dismantling of credibility and stability of nations and companies.

Japan Nexus Intelligence rises to the challenge of this “New Era of Information Risk” by utilizing the latest technologies and analytics to provide comprehensive insight and solutions to ensure the safety and protection of our clients’ interests.


3 Core Methods for Confronting the Threats of the New Era


Advanced OSINT utilization

Discourse monitoring
Detection and monitoring of illegitimate
manipulation of public discourse
Identification and analysis of key players in public discourse


Tactical “Cyfluence” advisory

Strategic Communications Consulting
Crisis Management
Risk assessment and advisory of


Strategic information dissemination and engagement

Social media management
PR and media relations
SEO and reverse SEO