3 Core Methods for Confronting the Threats of the New Era


Advanced OSINT utilization

Discourse monitoring
Detection and monitoring of illegitimate
manipulation of public discourse
Identification and analysis of key players in public discourse


Tactical “Cyfluence” advisory

Strategic Communications Consulting
Crisis Management
Risk assessment and advisory of


Strategic information dissemination and engagement

Social media management
PR and media relations
SEO and reverse SEO

Examples of our services


We are able to conduct research on how certain topics are historically mentioned and discussed across multiple platforms, including social media (X (previously Twitter), TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, as well as online discussion boards, such as 5Channel and Reddit) and online media (news sites, blogs, etc.). Findings from said historical research becomes the basis of our intelligence strategy and the foundation to our continuous monitoring, analysis, and influence activities.

Key strengths of our services

  1. Monitor and analyze multiple platforms
  2. Provide sentiment analysis
  3. Identify and uncover inauthentic malicious campaigns


Not only do we provide exposure reports, but with advance OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) technologies and an expert analyst team, we are able to monitor mentions and activities across social media and online media on a daily basis. Through our capabilities, we are able to identify high risk activities, such as malicious campaigns that utilize inauthentic bots and efforts to spread misinformation and false narratives, quickly and effectively.

Key strengths of our services

  1. Monitor multiple languages, with a focus on English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean
  2. Provide prompt alerts when high risk events, such as signs of malicious activities or relevant incidents that require attention, are discovered
  3. Develop monthly in-depth analysis reports


Through creation and utilization of various assets, we are able to provide counter operations against misinformation and false narratives for our clients. As part of said operations, we are able to utilize not only social media and owned websites, but also leverage media relations to promote counter narratives.

Key strengths of our services

  1. Utilize multiple platforms
  2. Provide regular progress reports
  3. Execute influence operations, not only domestically, but globally and in multiple languages